My Nail Care Essentials

There are quite a few things i want to show you guys, these are all things i use to keep my hands and nails in tip top condition and i love them all :). I will let you know where you can buy and include some easy links to where i purchase them from myself.

1) Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel



In the UK these can be hard to find as Bath and Body Works is an American Company. I discovered these when i was living in the states and fell in love with them. They come in hundreds of different scents from sweet and dessert style scents to fresh fruit and honey. I always like to keep one of these with me at all times, using it a few times a day always makes my hands feel clean and refreshed and smelling yummy! If you live in the US you can pop down to your local Bath and Body Works but if like me you don’t you can find them easily on ebay. Just type in bath and body works hand sanitizer and tons will come up :). My current favourites are Red Velvet Cake and Blueberry Cake Donut.

2) Orange Sticks!



It may sound strange but i love orange sticks! I use these along with cuticle remover to remove my cuticles(duh!) and don’t know how i ever lived without them! They make removing cuticles so easy and are much better for your nails than using metal implements. One side has a flattened edge which is used to push the cuticles back and or remove them. The other is sharp almost like a tooth pick and is ideal for cleaning under the nail. This is something else i buy from Ebay and you can usually get quite a few for just a pound or so.

3) Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover



I cannot recommend this cuticle remover enough! Instead of just slightly softening the cuticles like a lot of cuticle ‘removers’ this one actually does the job. Just apply it to the cuticles wait 30 seconds and use an orange stick to get rid of the gunk. I’m sure this is something you can pick up in most drug stores and pharmacies but like most things i buy this from Ebay 🙂

4) Sweet Tips Nails Cuticle Oil



I can’t say i’m exactly fussy when it comes to cuticle oil but i love this one because you can buy it in such a range of different scents! Trust me when i say range…there are 44 different scents to choose from. I own it in cotton candy because i love anything sweet smelling. Strangely i always use this after i remove my cuticles, but i try to use it everyday to keep my nails healthy. I always use Vitamin E oil as an alternative from Holland and Barretts but if you’re from the US you can probably find some in your local drug store. You can buy Sweet Tips Nails cuticle oil here:

5) OPI AVO Juice



Another goody i discovered whilst living in America! ( it’s likely i discovered all these because i was living with a Nail Tech as opposed to the country i was in :P) Of all of the hand creams i use this is the only one i’ve found to be non greasy and the smell is to die for. Personally i would recommend coconut melon. You can find these in salons, on ebay, amazon and in some drug stores.

These are the things i use most often, obviously excluding things such as nail files, buffers, top and base coats…i just thought i would show you items most perfect for your handbag 🙂


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