OPI Autumn/Winter 2013-San Francisco Collection

For those of you who don’t already know, in September ( August in the US) OPI are releasing what is in my opinion a HUGE collection for autumn winter. What i like about the look of these is that they aren’t all ‘red’ like a lot of winter polish collections. I think these shades are definetely suitable for the season, so i won’t feel so bad about packing away my neons and pastels. Here is a sneak peak:




The names and descriptions are as follows

A-Piers To Be Tan – I shore do like this chocolaty tan.
Dining Al Frisco – Just feast your eyes on this fresh air blue.
Haven’t The Foggiest – Can’t tell you why I love this misty gray….I just do.
Peace & Love & OPI – This holographic sage and eggplant is far out!
Keeping Suzi At Bay – There’s no holding back this assertive navy blue.
Incognito In Sausalito – You better keep this almost black blue under wraps.
Lost On Lombard – Oh garn-el! I’m all turned around.
I knead Sour-Dough – Are you bready to wear this toasty warm brown?
Muir Muri On The Wall – This trailblazing plum is the fairest of them all.
In The Cable Car-Pool Lane – Good golly miss trolley this rich burgundy takes me away.
Embarca-Dare Ya! – Betcha can’t pass up this marvelous magenta.
First Date At The Golden Gate – You and me and this shimmery ruby make three.
It’s All San Andreas’s Fault (Liquid Sand Shade) – I’d move mountains to get this textured earthy taupe!
Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! (Liquid Sand Shade) – Dog-gone it…fetch me that textured matte blue.
Alcatraz…Rocks! (Liquid Sand Shade) – There’s no escaping this arresting textured gray.
What do you think? Are you excited for more liquid sands? I think these all look fab and will probably end up investing in a few 🙂

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