Monday Nail Mail

Morning! (or afternoon if you’re international) I was very excited with my nail mail this morning, although it did look a bit boring, ha! However the majority of it is all ‘essential’ stuff. I was very pleased to find that my replacement polish from Digital Nails arrived ( i had some issues with glitter in the last one, so Raphaelle kindly resent free of charge- now that’s customer service!) of ‘Oh,Fionna’. I will probably use the one where i was having issues as a back up, in case i run out. However i don’t think i have EVER come to the end of a bottle of nail polish…(except top coats). Here are a few picture of ‘Oh,Fionna’ in case you’re wondering what it looks like.(Broken camera, still relying on website images)



Swatch by Digital Nails

I may end investing in a nude polish to go under this as it is slightly sheerer than shown in the images. I’m thinking Taras Talons’ ‘Dolly’.

I also picked up the much raved about Seche Vite Dry Fast Top coat. After looking at reviews and never coming across ANY bad ones, the publicity it has recieved in beauty magazines, and the number of beauty bloggers that swear by it i decided it had to be mine. I used to use the OPI Rapid Dry but i found it went ‘gloopy’ really quickly and even before that, even a medium coat would peel off and felt really ‘plastic-y’ ( more of my made up words). I’ve already tried it out over a manicure i purposefully didn’t top coat and it’s made the world of difference! It does dry very quick and really brightens the colour underneath giving the nail a lovely shine. This is something that will become a staple for me. I noticed QVC are doing an offer of 3 for £18.75 if you’re interested…( I have no idea why that link is so long sorry…unfortunately i don’t know how to integrate a link into text haha so if anyone can tell me i’d be really grateful!  I got mine for the brilliant price of £6.In case you’ve never seen it before…


I don’t actually own a base coat so to go with this i also picked up the Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat. There were so many different types of base coats that i was a bit bamboozled when it came to picking one! I finally decided on the ridge filling one as i find  i sometimes get ridges etc in my nails that affect the way nail polish looks when applied, so this one just seemed perfect. I’m curious to see what difference using a base coat makes and whether this one actually does what it says. We shall see! Image:


A few days later, in despair after breaking nearly all of my nails and the fact that the surface of the tips seemed to always ‘scratch’ i decided it was time i bought a nail treatment. My nails always get a certain length and then they just stop growing, seriously! This isn’t a particularly long length either and i’d like for them to be a bit longer really. I’ve started taking a biotin based supplement too, so hopefully the use of these together will help my nails grow back fast, strengthen them and stop them from breaking and chipping! I picked up the Dry and Brittle OPI Nail Envy. I decided to go with Nail Envy as so many people say that it works and i really trust OPI for their nail care. I got the Dry and Brittle one as no matter how much hand cream or cuticle oil i apply my nails are always very dry looking ( however my cuticles are very happy indeed 🙂 ) so i’m hoping this will add moisture and strengthen them considerably. If you’re considering buying this bear in mind it’s quite expensive…the cheapest i found this was at £11 and some salons charge up to £18. Tonight when i face removing my entirely glitter based nail polish ( filled with dread and anxiety…and armed with a roll of tin foil) i think i will start the treatment. Which will involve no nail polish ( other than the nail envy of course) for two weeks! I may have withdrawals and eventually crack under the pressure of it all. I can barely stand to go a few hours without nail polish and rarely leave the house without any on. It is to me, the same as make up is for a lot of girls…( although i try not to go out without make up anymore either). In about two weeks time i will post a review and describe how it went with any changes to my nails! Really hoping this works…


You can also get Nail Envy in: Matte, Original, Soft and Thin, Sensitive and Peeling and Maintenance.

I found all of these items on ebay and if you look around you can get them at pretty good prices. A lot of high end beauty stores online stock these, however you’re unlikely to find them in Boots or Superdrug.

I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream  nail mail !

2 thoughts on “Monday Nail Mail

  1. You can use Nail Envy as a base under polish – I do all the time!

    And SV will change your life lol. It’s the only topcoat I use anymore! It can get a bit thick when it’s less than half full though. I have a big bottle (from eBay, about £20 for 9 bottles worth!) and I have 3 bottles I top up regularly! That way I can always find one lol

    • i think when i finish the 2 week treatment like it recommends i will use it under a base coat…that way i still get the ridge filling benefits! and wow thats an amazing price!

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