Taras Talons New Mini’s

Hello! As of midnight this morning Taras Talons have added mini nail polishes to the mix. These are 5ml polishes selling at £3.50 ea or a custom made mini at £5.50. I was lucky enough to be able to provided two mini polishes designed with me in mind by Tara herself! I love the little bottles and they remind me so much of the ones used by Pocket Money Polishes ( if you haven’t checked them out already do so here: http://www.pocketmoneypolishes.co.uk/Retail.htm) . Today i am going to show you one of these mini polishes i was provided which i really love!



Here is a picture of the bottle alongside the other polish ( which i will swatch shortly).



And lastly, a size comparison with a regular Taras Talons nail polish ( Toy Train if you’re wondering, i believe it is still in Tara’s store 🙂 )



I love the price tag on these and will maybe definitely be taking advantage!

Tara has also added a ton of nail art supplies to her store so be sure to take a good look around!


Creating/Selling Nail Polish

I’m considering making my own nail polish as a fun thing to do, and might in the future start selling on Etsy. Before that though as i get the swing of it i will be making them purely for my own fun haha however i may sell a few within the UK to anyone who is interested! If any of you think you might be interested let me know!

Nicole By OPI And Digital Nails Swatch

Unfortunatly i have had a looot of nail breakages lately especially the middle finger on my left hand ( swatching hand, go figure) so this swatch won’t be showing my nails at their normal length! It’s been sitting in my nail polish stash for ages, and i finally decided to try Digital Nails Hipster In A Blender. This one glows under black light, i can’t wait to try that out at some point! I put it over Nicole By OPI Up And Kim-ing Pink. With the slight green base of Hipster In A Blender the normal candy pink of this NBO shade is changed to more of a orange/beige.





And yes, i use my bed sheets as a back drop 😀 ( because they’re just so pretty!)

OPI and Tara’s Talons Swatch

Hey guys!
Today i want to share you with a swatch i did about a week ago. With the lovely weather i thought it was about time i started wearing some lovely coral and orange shades. I decided to wear my favourite Summer shade: OPI Call Me Gwenever from The Amazing Spiderman collection released last year. Along with that, i added a diagonal gold stripe on each ring finger using Tara’s Talons Goblin Gold!



Let me know what you think! 🙂

July 2013 Glossybox

Yay! I’ve been really excited to see what i got in this month’s glossybox and i was really pleased with what i got! I have already used every single item and i only recieved it yesterday! I think it fits the theme very well and i love the seaside looking box. I’m using it to store my sun creams and after sun care etc.

On to the items!


Sleek Pout Paint in Peachy Keen

RRP: £4.99

Available here: http://www.sleekmakeup.com/lips/lip-colour/pout-paint

When i initially tried this on, it seemed uber bright like something you’d see on ‘The only way is essex’ but it turned out i a) put too much on! and b) didnt mix it like it was intended. Once i mixed a small amount in with an even smaller amount of another pout paint i was able to make my own shade of lip pigment which is how these are intended to be used. I am really happy with this actually as it’s so versatile and i was pleased to get a good make up brand like ‘Sleek’ as opposed to something like Collection 2000.


Sleek Pout Paint in Peekabloo

RRP: £4.99

Available here: http://www.sleekmakeup.com/lips/lip-colour/pout-paint

When i first saw this i thought ‘oh no’ who on earth is going to wear blue?! But when i read the glossybox info on it, it said that you mix it in with another colour. So as i said before i mixed it with Peachy Keen and it worked out a treat! I like the versatility of these a lot. I would recommend getting the blue or silver colour to mix in with one of the other shades otherwise they are very stark or bright.


Anatomicals Spray Misty For me Facial Spritz

RRP: £6

Available here: http://www.anatomicals.net

I was happy as this was my third full sized product so yay!  have been meaning to get one of these for ages so it was great to get one in a glossybox. It smells really nice and is very cooling in this current heat. I’ve been keeping it in my bag for when it gets really hot. There’s also a picture of Clint Eastwood on the back which amused my date last night. I will probably be using this as a summer staple!


Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 Unscented

RRP: ( full size) £29.99.

Available here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Organic-Suncare-Collection-Sunscreen-Unscented/dp/B0019H65FC/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1373816739&sr=8-6&keywords=coola+organic+sunscreen

I need a little SPF 20 for my burnt nose at the moment and this is quite a handy size…it’s 7ml so it’s not very big compared to the 50ml full size ones. Depending on how i get on with it i may get a scented full size!


Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist

RRP: ( for full size) £23 or £4.60 ( for sample size included)

Available here: http://www.lookfantastic.com/alterna-bamboo-style-boho-waves-tousled-texture-mist-125ml/10601048.html?rws=1&rcs=bhg

I tried using this…i found it was slightly sticky. It had a really nice bamboo scent too which was nice. It also made my hair a bit shinier and revitalised it quite like a bit of dry shampoo. I’m not one for hair care products but i will probably use it again.


Essie Sleek Sticks in A to Zebra

RRP: £9.99

Available here: http://www.boots.com/en/Essie-A-to-Zebra-Nail-Stickers_1293416/

I have been dying to try out some nail wraps for ages! I love Essie so i was really happy to get nail wraps by them. I loved the style i received too and put them on with the help of a very very patient and long suffering fellow who pretended to be interested and helped me cut them to size haha. I think once on correctly they look quite professional and are good for people like me who aren’t so good at nail art. Despite the price i would probably try them again. Only issue i have found is that they scuff slightly at the edge of your nails after a day or so of wear.

All in all i am VERY happy with the July box. More so than i was the June box! I am a bit bummed i didn’t get a Ciate Nail Polish but the Nail Wraps make up for it!

You can buy your own glossybox here: http://www.glossybox.co.uk/