Taras Talons New Mini’s

Hello! As of midnight this morning Taras Talons have added mini nail polishes to the mix. These are 5ml polishes selling at £3.50 ea or a custom made mini at £5.50. I was lucky enough to be able to provided two mini polishes designed with me in mind by Tara herself! I love the little bottles and they remind me so much of the ones used by Pocket Money Polishes ( if you haven’t checked them out already do so here: http://www.pocketmoneypolishes.co.uk/Retail.htm) . Today i am going to show you one of these mini polishes i was provided which i really love!



Here is a picture of the bottle alongside the other polish ( which i will swatch shortly).



And lastly, a size comparison with a regular Taras Talons nail polish ( Toy Train if you’re wondering, i believe it is still in Tara’s store 🙂 )



I love the price tag on these and will maybe definitely be taking advantage!

Tara has also added a ton of nail art supplies to her store so be sure to take a good look around!



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