Different Dimension ‘On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink’ Swatch

I have wanted this for sooo long, but have been relucutant to pay international shipping- UNTIL i finally found a full bottle of ‘On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink’ on a fellow nail addict’s blog sale! This is a polish i have been dying to have-largely due to the Mean Girls Reference.





Now that my slight obsession with that movie is over ( i’m nearing 20, this is shameful!) on to the polish! I forgot to take a bottle shot, so here i’m using an image i found online.



I will let you know now, on the left index finger i’ve had a rather painful breakage 😦 , so i may have to swatch with my right hand for a while, which feels strange! Anyway, here are my pictures.





The second is a much clearer picture! The base is a nude-ish pink with lots of tiny and slightly larger hot pink glitters. It’s pink glitter galore! Yet, still remains looking not too over the top, and something i could consider wearing for work etc ( when i finally get employed). All in all? 5/5. I LOVE this polish!

You can buy from Different Dimension here:


One thought on “Different Dimension ‘On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink’ Swatch

  1. I have two differentdimension polishes, and they too are fab quality. I now, thanks to this post, have another lemming to squash! Plus, I really like that movie, too ❤

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