Getting International Indies in the UK

If you don’t like paying extra for shipping, or simply cannot get your favourite polishes delivered to you, then here are some UK online stores which can help!

The Nail Arcade- A pop up store was created called ‘The Nail Arcade’ and was open for one week only earlier this month. The store is now closed i believe, but The Nail Arcade will be back soon with their very own Indies!


Rainbow Connection UK- This is a store which is opening next month! Just like the nail arcade it will be introducing international indies for sale in the UK. Examples of brands include Lush Lacquer and Smitten Polish 😉


Sally Magpies- Sally Magpies has been around for a while now ( not sure how long) and stocks some great brands including the Australian Picture Polish and Emily De Molly.

Store link:


Other great services for you UK indie lovers include:

-The Nail Polish Directory

This is a list of EVERY nail polish brand available in the UK, the website is still being tweaked but i had a chance to speak to the creator who said that when it is complete you will be able to add polishes from any UK brand to ‘Stash’ and ‘Wishlists’ which sounds great to me 🙂



I hope some of these resources come in handy!