Current Indie Favourites #2 I Love Nail Polish

Hello again! A few days ago i posted my first installment of my current indie favorites( found here:, so today it is time to show you another of my favorite indie brands! Introducing the perfectly named I Love Nail Polish or ILNP/I<3NP for short 🙂 My favourite thing about this brand has to be the professional quality, and how this is beautifully mixed with indie shades. You feel like you’re getting the best of both worlds, a high quality salon polish and a unique indie glitter/shade.

Here is the owner Barbra’s description of ILNP:

‘Founded in 2012, ILNP started out as a hobby that quickly turned into a unique way to express a passion for detail, color, and all things fashion.’

Barbra has come really far with ILNP in a just a year! This is one of those of those indie brands i can see going mainstream/retail at some point and being place high up with the likes of A England etc. Here are some BEAUTIFUL photos of ILNP polishes:




Glass Slipper


Army Surplus


What the Funk

I decided to show you 4 pictures, all showing different types of polishes available by ILNP. The first, ‘Sniffany’ is one of many creams. The second, ‘Glass Slipper’ is a glitter topper. The third, ‘Army Surplus’ is a holo, and last but not least the fourth, ‘What the Funk’ is a glitter with a cream base. ILNP also do glitter jelly polishes i believe.

ILNP are well known mostly for their incredible holographic polishes. I have seen a ton of holos by indie polish makers but none compare ( besides perhaps those in the Digital Nails store). The amount oh holographic pigment in these polishes is insane, and offers a sophisticated but fun look! A few of these holos are actually very subtle and office friendly including ‘Cashmere Sweater’, ‘A Touch of Mint’ and ‘Down Comforter’.

I always get a great giggle thinking ‘ I love, I Love Nail Polish’ but i really really do. I own just one polish by them atm, and it was the last one made. Barbra helped me to find it on the website ( i was searching on etsy) and i managed to scoop it up! I’m so glad i did as it is BEAUTIFUL. It is a glitter topper called ‘Don’t Trample My Roses’. I’m wearing it on my toes at the moment over OPI You’re Such a Budapest! ( trying the nail envy 2 week treatment on my poor bare fingernails) and it’s just so pretty! Here are some pictures:



Macro Shot


Applied to a false nail

My toes look VERY similar to the middle swatch which is entirely coincidence! I just decided on a lilac base to make the colour pop…it was between lilac and light pink.

Here’s hoping i inspired you to go check out ILNP. If you do want to, here are some details:



Etsy Store:

( Note: if you find something on the website or etsy store which is sold out then shoot Barba a message to see if its in stock on the other site. E.g if it’s not available on etsy ask if it is on the online store- or just check it out yourself!)

Now i’m going to leave you with a gorgeous image of the print used on the ILNP tissue paper for packing.



Sweet Tips Nails

Hello! Sorry that it’s been a while. Today i want to show you another great indie nail brand called Sweet Tips nails. Even better than selling indie polish- they also sell body mists, body butters, cuticle oils lip balms and are going to add other new products including bath salts and bath bombs! Anyway back to the polishes…Sweet Tips nails sell some gorgeous polishes and whilst you’re at their store you can pick up a ton of other goodies too! Every month they introduce a limited edition birth stone polish, and i think these polishes very accurately look like the birth stones they are designed to represent! Known for their ‘sweet’ inspired polishes and gorgeous shimmers Sweet Tips Nails are a brand to check out. Below are some of my picks:




Robin’s Egg


Zombie Skin

I love all three of these polishes and own a mini of Robin’s Egg i hope to someday own the other two 🙂

You can find Sweet Tips Nails gorgeous polishes and beauty products on their Etsy here: