New Neon Collection by Lush Lacquer

As promised, i am going to show you the new collection by Lush Lacquer! Few collections get me really really excited but this one has! I can honestly say that i would wear every polish in this collection. They are beautiful and summery and of course-neon!

I won’t show you all of them, as there lots and lots but i will show you a few of them!


Neon Splish Splash

The picture doesn’t do it justice- swatches are needed to really see this beauty. It would look brilliant over a light green, blue or white. This is one of the new polishes i intend to add to my collection! Nothing beats a glitter topper- and with the amount of blue polishes i have this will really liven up some of my manicures.



This is exactly like the previous polish but in orange…this one really does have a summery vibe and would look great over white for a pedicure. Makes me think of tropical fruit juice.



Again, this is similar to the first, However the first consists of blue and green glitters whereas this one consists of blue and purple ones- hence the name blurple!

( There was also a pink version called ‘Chicks Rule’ however i was unable to obtain a picture- see here: )


Born 2 b Pretty

I really like the colour of this one, i think the glitters really work in harmony with the base colour. It is a little less in your face than some of the others in this collection but still bright and beautiful!

This is only scratching the surface of the new polishes available but i think they are so gorgeous and awe inspiring that you should go check them out yourself at the Lush Lacquer store!

Here is what i’m picking up:

Splish Splash
Rosies Posies
It’s a Breeze
Neon Monster Mash

If i could i would buy at least 3 more!

Etsy Store:

Don’t get a headache from staring at these beauties all day 😉

( use code NEON10 ) for 10% off your order.


New Changes to Lush Lacquer and Starrily

Hello again guys! I’ve let a few blogger friends i know already about this but figured my followers would like to know as well :). It’ kind of like Christmas for me right now as Starrily have reduced their shipping to UK from £10 to £7.99 which is a really good price! Prices have also changed so each polish is now £5.99 i cannot be sure how much they were priced at before but i’m pretty     sure that they were £1 more expensive. This £2 reduction in shipping and £1 reduction in polishes is awesome! It makes it a lot easier for us Brits to get our hands on some gorgeous Starrily polishes! I’ve always been reluctant due to shipping costs to order from them but i can see myself picking up a bunch now! Here are a few pictures of Starrily polishes!


Unicorn Landia




Diamond Dusted


Unicorn Chronicles

Facebook Page:

Etsy Store:

Lush Lacquer are currently having problems with their etsy store- it has completely vanished off of the website! Which is awful for them for business as they have just release a brand new neon collection. Unfortunately i can’t show you some picture but when the site is back up and running i will give it its own post. I plan on picking up 5 mini bottles…which bring me to my point…they have now reopened international shipping! Yay! This is at buyers risk however so if something gets lost in the post- that’s it.


Go over to their Facebook and give them some support, and check out their polishes in their pictures whilst you wait!

Lush Lacquer

Hello again fellow nail polish lovers! Right now i’m going to introduce you to ( if you haven’t seen them already) Lush Lacquer. Known for their funky neons, colorful glitters and pretty pastels their polishes are almost ‘graffiti-esque’ in appearance. They get a lot of business, which is fully understandable when you view when their polishes! They provide lots of beautiful summer shades you are bound to love. Here are some i love:


Neon Lights


Hello Sunshine


Blue Gypsy

Check them out on Etsy here: