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Nail Lacquer UK and ‘Snow Dreams’ Swatch

Hey, being the silly busy bee i am, i haven’t had a chance to show you a relatively new UK Indie Brand. UK indies are popping up like crazy, yay! For those of you who hate to pay ridiculous shipping fees for indies from places like the US and Australia, these little brands are a great way to get more polish for you money! I have included on several occasions the UK brands ‘Pocket Money Polishes’ and ‘Taras Talons’ and decided it was time to give Nail Lacquer UK a try! There are a few more UK indies i am yet to jump on, but my next Indie Brand review will likely be Nelly Polish.

Anyway, back to the topic in hand. Nail Lacquer UK is a brand which sells on Etsy, and includes lots of the sorts of thing us nail addicts like, including glitter, glitter and more glitter. I ordered a 10ml Grab Bag from the store as i was spoilt for choice for what to get, so decided to surprise myself. I LOVE the polish i received, a lovely sheer off white with small blue glitters and medium-large sized blue circle glitters which are gorgeous! My order also came with some nail art bows which match the polish perfectly, which i thought was a lovely personal touch! The name of this polish is ‘Snow Dreams’ and feels really cool and wintery!

ImageImageI’m really loving this mani!

You find Nail Lacquer UK here on Facebook:

And the Etsy Store here:

Barry M and Taras Talons Block Mani

I thought i would try a block mani using some new Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Shades i picked up, along with some gold striping tape from Taras Talons ( you can find it here: ). This was pretty tricky and i still don’t think it really came out right! But i spent so long on it, that i thought i really should show you guys my hard efforts :P. I also used one Essie shade and a white by Sinful Colors underneath to make the colours brighter.





The Green is Essie- Navigate Her, the Blue is Barry M- Blue Grape, the nude is Barry M- Lychee and the Pink is Barry M- Grapefruit.

I rarely attempt nail art which explains why it isnt great! I hope you like it none the less!


Barry M Gelly Hi Shine- Plum Swatch with Taras Talons Nail Art

The second Barry M Gelly polish i tried out was Plum. I’m not quite sure if i like this colour on me but i did like the formula and i’m sure i will find a way to use it again! I used some cute little glue-on pearls from Taras Talons who do nail art supplies now! ( check it out here:

I love what they add to a boring mani ( which to me, is a mani without glitter!)




My camera didn’t capture the colour very well. It is much more purple than shown and not quite as dark. Hope you like 🙂

Taras Talons New Mini’s

Hello! As of midnight this morning Taras Talons have added mini nail polishes to the mix. These are 5ml polishes selling at £3.50 ea or a custom made mini at £5.50. I was lucky enough to be able to provided two mini polishes designed with me in mind by Tara herself! I love the little bottles and they remind me so much of the ones used by Pocket Money Polishes ( if you haven’t checked them out already do so here: . Today i am going to show you one of these mini polishes i was provided which i really love!



Here is a picture of the bottle alongside the other polish ( which i will swatch shortly).



And lastly, a size comparison with a regular Taras Talons nail polish ( Toy Train if you’re wondering, i believe it is still in Tara’s store 🙂 )



I love the price tag on these and will maybe definitely be taking advantage!

Tara has also added a ton of nail art supplies to her store so be sure to take a good look around!