New Changes to Lush Lacquer and Starrily

Hello again guys! I’ve let a few blogger friends i know already about this but figured my followers would like to know as well :). It’ kind of like Christmas for me right now as Starrily have reduced their shipping to UK from £10 to £7.99 which is a really good price! Prices have also changed so each polish is now £5.99 i cannot be sure how much they were priced at before but i’m pretty     sure that they were £1 more expensive. This £2 reduction in shipping and £1 reduction in polishes is awesome! It makes it a lot easier for us Brits to get our hands on some gorgeous Starrily polishes! I’ve always been reluctant due to shipping costs to order from them but i can see myself picking up a bunch now! Here are a few pictures of Starrily polishes!


Unicorn Landia




Diamond Dusted


Unicorn Chronicles

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Lush Lacquer are currently having problems with their etsy store- it has completely vanished off of the website! Which is awful for them for business as they have just release a brand new neon collection. Unfortunately i can’t show you some picture but when the site is back up and running i will give it its own post. I plan on picking up 5 mini bottles…which bring me to my point…they have now reopened international shipping! Yay! This is at buyers risk however so if something gets lost in the post- that’s it.


Go over to their Facebook and give them some support, and check out their polishes in their pictures whilst you wait!