Essie Nails Wraps and Nicole By OPI Swatch

Evening 🙂 tonight i thought i would show you my mani tonight. I have a few left over Essie ‘Sleek nail wraps and decided to use one alongside a dark red mani. This one is called ‘Sealed with a Kris’ and is by Nicole By OPI.





Please excuse the fact that my nails are slightly messy!


Nicole By OPI And Digital Nails Swatch

Unfortunatly i have had a looot of nail breakages lately especially the middle finger on my left hand ( swatching hand, go figure) so this swatch won’t be showing my nails at their normal length! It’s been sitting in my nail polish stash for ages, and i finally decided to try Digital Nails Hipster In A Blender. This one glows under black light, i can’t wait to try that out at some point! I put it over Nicole By OPI Up And Kim-ing Pink. With the slight green base of Hipster In A Blender the normal candy pink of this NBO shade is changed to more of a orange/beige.





And yes, i use my bed sheets as a back drop 😀 ( because they’re just so pretty!)

Upcoming New Collection from Nicole by OPI

Im super excited as i had no idea about this, but Nicole by OPI are shortly bringing out a collection inspired by Disney’s Tinkerbell ( of Peter Pan ;P). These polishes are so adorable, i love super girly polishes, glitters and pastel shades and the occasional bright colour. This collection offers all of those things 🙂


I love all of these, especially the top three 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Wear Something Spar-Kylie- Nicole by OPI

I just brought home this absolute beauty and wanted to share it with you guys! Unfortunately i am still unable to swatch due to camera issues…my tips are in much better condition however than they were during my first swatch *cringe* so hopefully when i do next swatch the pictures will look great :). However i will show you a lovely swatch by another great blogger and some pictures of the bottle etc. Here is a swatch by Pinpoint Polish:

Check out her blog and more important check out that gorgeous polish! I think it looks lovely over hot pink to avoid a VNL ( visible nail line) something i can’t STAND!

Buy here: