UK Indie Brands

First of all i would like to thank Cazzy at Special Girl Nails for helping me find some of these! Check out her blog here:

Unfortunately due to the lack of supplies and opportunities to make nail polish, there is a very small number of UK indie polish brands which makes me sad…us Brits love our indie polish just as much as our American and Australian counter parts. For us, however these polishes are more of a treat or a luxury as we have to ship them in from other countries with shipping costing anywhere up to £10 for a single polish.

I think it’s really important we support British polish creators as they are few and far between and we rely on them for our indie polish fix! Shown below are all the indie polish brands situated in the UK i am aware of, if you find anymore PLEASE let me know!


Clowning Around by Taras Talons

The first indie brand in the UK i ever heard of was Taras Talons, honestly i can’t remember how i came across Tara but i am glad i did. Taras Talons is probably the largest indie polish brand in the UK at the moment and is relatively small compared to a lot of American brands!

‘Tarastalons is a UK based indie nail polish and nail art creator shipping worldwide! All nails are hand designed and all polish is handmade and limited edition, with a maximum of ten polishes of each shade being made and more often only one of each shade being made!’

The fact that SO few polishes of each kind are created makes buying from Tara such a special experience. You know that nobody else in the world has the same polish as you, so it is truly unique. The most of any polish created i believe is ten. Tara introduces collections on a really frequent basis and has a huge variety of different shades and glitters. I think there is something for everyone. I decided to use ‘Clowning Around’ as a representative image of Taras Talons as it is one of-if not- the most popular shades in her store.

A massive thank you with hugs to Tara Clapperton for her beautiful store.




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Pea Soup by Iconic Effect

I don’t know a huge amount about Iconic Effect other than the fact that the glitters in their polishes are to die for! These are the sort of shades we expect to find the US as they are so unique and beautiful. At £6.50 a bottle the price is very reasonable and i can see myself picking up one or two of these polishes. It’s so nice to buy an indie polish and not have to wait a month for it to arrive! I also noted that this is a relatively new brand, opening their store just this month, already with a pretty decent amount of sales! I see big things for this indie brand and can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

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When i’m old i shall wear purple by Pretty Little Nails

This is a brand i know even less about! I can only comment on what i see in their store and i think this indie polish creator delivers so beautiful sparkly polishes! I’m excited to see what else shop owner Amelia comes up with!

Etsy Store:

There is only one other indie brand in the UK that i have heard of, and that is Pocket Money Polishes who can be found here:

I hope that together with Cazzy i have helped you find some brands in your own country that you weren’t aware of and fall in love with!