Lush Handmade Cosmetics Product Review


Hello ladies ( and gentleman- lets not discriminate!) i’m a huge fan of lush and order a box of goodies very month or so. Some are things i know and love and others are things i love the look of and want to try out. I am yet to be disappointed by any lush product and as an organic product loving Vegetarian, Lush is right up my alley!


Today i’m going to show you what i bought in June and review the products. Unfortunately i used them all up so darn quickly i have no photos to share with you. Also my camera i broken…So happy days! Within 2 weeks almost everything had been greedily used up by me! Here is what i bought:

  • Think Pink Bath Bomb RRP: £2.50 ea
  • Creamy Candy Bubble Bar RRP: £2.50 ea
  • Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Luxury Bath Melt RRP: £3.85
  • Rock Star Soap RRP: £3.40 ( per 100g)
  • Bubblegum Lip Scrub RRP: £5.25

These are all very pink items! I like very girly scents which generally come in pink packaging-go figure. But luckily i love pink so no biggie. After two weeks everything bar the Lip Scrub and Soap had been used. These are both my favourite items from what i purchased so i am very pleased, perhaps these are my favourite as i had more time to enjoy them? I don’t know. Anyway! Moving on swiftly…first to be reviewed ( with appropriate company images) is the ‘Think Pink’ Bath Bomb.


Think Pink Bath Bomb

This is what Lush says about the product:

‘Mark was so pleased with himself when he hit on this combination of tonka and vanilla absolutes – he thinks this smell is like a great big reassuring hug!’

In case you’re wondering who ‘Mark’ is, he’s the lush-er that created the product 🙂

What i say about this product:

I think Lush paid great attention to detail with this bath bomb, it’s actually one of the cheapest ones on their website but it certainly doesn’t skimp on quality. It turns your bath a bright neon pink (leaning towards purple) and smells lovely and girly! I have no idea what Tonka is so i can’t comment on whether or not it smells ‘Tonka-like’ ( made up word courtesy of my insanity…) but there is definetely a sweet scent of vanilla. More of an artificial vanilla than a vanilla pod scent which is strange as it’s not artificial at all! But then again i can’t say i’ve really smelt that many vanilla pods…enough of my rambling (again).

Would i recommend this product?: Yes

I give this product a straight A in all categories bar value for money, £2.50 is one expensive bath!

Order the ‘Think Pink’ bath bomb here:


Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

This is what Lush says about the product:

‘A sweet creamy candy-floss pink bath that’s like a hug in a soft fluffy towel. This one is a girly night in. Makes you want to put on your cutest jammies, bounce on the bed and have a pillow fight. For those who know that youth and innocent glee are things never to be left behind. ‘

What i say about this product:

I actually really liked this product as an eco friendly alternative to the huge bottle of bubble bath i usually buy. However this is more expensive….and nicer…and more natural…hence the price. Therefore Lush are forgiven for charging £2.50. If you want a huge bath full of bubbles like this product suggests use the whole thing! If you want to eek it out like i did it still creates enough bubbles for one bath when broken into 5 pieces. So for a week of baths £2.50 isn’t bad. I had two of these so they lasted around 2 weeks. I’ll probably pick up a few more in my next visit to lush as the smell is incredible. It fills the whole house with a sweet ‘creamy candy’ scent so the name i perfect. I found the smell to linger on my body for hours after also.

Would i recommend this product? Yes

I give this product an A in all categories as i think it smells much nicer than liquid bubble bath and made me feel like i was doing my bit for the environment.

You can order the ‘Creamy Candy’ bubble bar here:


Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Luxury Bath Melt

What Lush says about this product:

‘Great for dry skin, as the almond oil and cocoa butter will leave your skin silky smmmooth. Also the chamomile, marigold and marshmallow all help to calm irritated or delicate skin types.’

What i think about this product:

I disagree with Lush’s statement that it is great for dry skin. I get patches of dry skin on my legs and this made no difference whatsoever…neither did my skin feel silky and soft. Clean, yes. It left a kind of creamy residue on the top of the bath and smelt quite nice but i think this product is pretty unforgettable to be honest. And £3.85 for ONE…that’s ONE… bath is ridiculous. Unless you’re royalty you’ll doubtfully be able to afford a bath with this in every night….once a week perhaps. ( Still about £15 a month…for that money each month you can get a Glossybox or Birchbox…or a couple of great indie polishes!)

Would i recommend this product?: No

Fails in pretty much every category, a bit of a waste of money in my opinion.

Buy ‘Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment’ luxury bath melt here:


Rockstar Soap

What Lush says about this product:

‘All the joy of a stick of seaside rock, but kinder on the hips. We do like to be beside the seaside with this sweet smelling creamy lather’

What i say about this product:

Probably my favourite bar of soap ever. In fact this is the greatest soap in the history of soap. Seriously, it’s amazing! It smells exactly the ‘Creamy Candy’ bar i used with it. As i said i get dry patches on my legs and was half expecting for this to cause them to flare up but it didn’t! A lot of soaps can be really drying but i was pleasantly surprised to find that this one wasn’t. It lathers really nicely and this has lasted a whole month- if i was using shower gel i would be using about a bottle a week at about £2.50 so this is more cost effective and smells nicer! I am considering getting a shower gel to go with it though just to prevent dryness.

Would i recommend this product?: Yes!!

A*’s in every category…it’s a must have for my bathroom shelf!

Buy ‘Rockstar’ soap here:


Bubblegum Lip Scrub

What Lush says about this product:

‘The pink all things girly, bubblegum flavour lip scrub.Clears dead skin and flakiness from lips, leaving them moisturised and smooth.’

What i say about this product:

It definetely does what it claims! It does absolute wonders for your lips, especially if you get quite dry flaky lips. It is bubblegum scented and flavoured and tastes divine. Everyone keeps stealing it from me and threatening to eat it! I use this about once or twice a day and then apply lip balm and it’s definetely improved the overall softness and appearance of my lips. It seems to last for ever as well, i’m only half way through so would say this product lasts a good 2 months. This is one of those beauty products that i carry everywhere.

Would i recommend this? Yes!!

Another A* here…brilliant lip scrub which has become a staple for me!

Buy ‘Bubblegum’ lip scrub here:

I hope i have helped some of you in your lush buying and decision making, let me know what you think! I read and reply to all comments.

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