Current Indie Favourites #2 I Love Nail Polish

Hello again! A few days ago i posted my first installment of my current indie favorites( found here:, so today it is time to show you another of my favorite indie brands! Introducing the perfectly named I Love Nail Polish or ILNP/I<3NP for short 🙂 My favourite thing about this brand has to be the professional quality, and how this is beautifully mixed with indie shades. You feel like you’re getting the best of both worlds, a high quality salon polish and a unique indie glitter/shade.

Here is the owner Barbra’s description of ILNP:

‘Founded in 2012, ILNP started out as a hobby that quickly turned into a unique way to express a passion for detail, color, and all things fashion.’

Barbra has come really far with ILNP in a just a year! This is one of those of those indie brands i can see going mainstream/retail at some point and being place high up with the likes of A England etc. Here are some BEAUTIFUL photos of ILNP polishes:




Glass Slipper


Army Surplus


What the Funk

I decided to show you 4 pictures, all showing different types of polishes available by ILNP. The first, ‘Sniffany’ is one of many creams. The second, ‘Glass Slipper’ is a glitter topper. The third, ‘Army Surplus’ is a holo, and last but not least the fourth, ‘What the Funk’ is a glitter with a cream base. ILNP also do glitter jelly polishes i believe.

ILNP are well known mostly for their incredible holographic polishes. I have seen a ton of holos by indie polish makers but none compare ( besides perhaps those in the Digital Nails store). The amount oh holographic pigment in these polishes is insane, and offers a sophisticated but fun look! A few of these holos are actually very subtle and office friendly including ‘Cashmere Sweater’, ‘A Touch of Mint’ and ‘Down Comforter’.

I always get a great giggle thinking ‘ I love, I Love Nail Polish’ but i really really do. I own just one polish by them atm, and it was the last one made. Barbra helped me to find it on the website ( i was searching on etsy) and i managed to scoop it up! I’m so glad i did as it is BEAUTIFUL. It is a glitter topper called ‘Don’t Trample My Roses’. I’m wearing it on my toes at the moment over OPI You’re Such a Budapest! ( trying the nail envy 2 week treatment on my poor bare fingernails) and it’s just so pretty! Here are some pictures:



Macro Shot


Applied to a false nail

My toes look VERY similar to the middle swatch which is entirely coincidence! I just decided on a lilac base to make the colour pop…it was between lilac and light pink.

Here’s hoping i inspired you to go check out ILNP. If you do want to, here are some details:



Etsy Store:

( Note: if you find something on the website or etsy store which is sold out then shoot Barba a message to see if its in stock on the other site. E.g if it’s not available on etsy ask if it is on the online store- or just check it out yourself!)

Now i’m going to leave you with a gorgeous image of the print used on the ILNP tissue paper for packing.