Taras Talons ‘Curacao’ and Unicorn ‘Stick’ Swatches

Hello! I thought i might share with you today a lovely mani i did last night using two great polishes by my favourite indie brand Taras Talons! I used my ABSOLUTE favourite blue which is called ‘Curacao’ that i bought some months ago. I then topped it with a recent purchase, ‘Unicorn Stick’ which is a very very sheer white with greenish blue squares ( think toothpaste!) and white and hot pink hexes. The use of this over the blue polish made it almost a minty green colour but it still clearly blue. The white base in this polish is so sheer that i can layer it over almost any colour and instead of being white, it just slightly lightens the colour beneath giving it a lovely shimmer.

If you’re not aware of this already, Taras Talons makes one-off polishes, so unfortunately neither of these are available to purchase 😦 ( because i got my greedy mitts on them first muahahaha). However if you browse Taras store on Etsy she has a multitude of polishes and nail art supplies which gets updated every Sunday! I’m aware that she currently has some polishes with Mickey Mouse glitters in them, so be sure to check them out! But for now, here is a swatch of my Taras Talons mani 🙂



You can buy from Taras Talons here: