Indie Brands:

Taras Talons- Sprinkles

Taras Talons-Glazed

Taras Talons-Key Lime Pie

Taras Talons- Blueberry Cheesecake

Digital Nails-Pandorica

Digital Nails-Bonnibel

Digital Nails- Lying

I ❤ NP- Amanda Hugginkiss

I ❤ NP-You’re My Boy Blue

I ❤ NP-Princess Diaries

Starrily- Pop Rocks

Starrily- Pop Tart

MODLacquer- Sideshow

Smitten Polish- Groovy Baby

Lush Lacquer- Clowning Around

Nelly Polish-Mena

Nelly Polish-Gumpas

Nail Lacquer UK-Eat My Cake


Retail/Salon Brands:

Ruby Wing-Strawberry Shortcake

Ruby Wing-Sweet Cream

Ruby Wing-Cinnamon Bun

Ruby Wing-Doux

OPI- Pink of Hearts Duo

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